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Griffith Park and the Griffith Observatory were donated to the city of Los Angeles by Griffith J. Griffith, a journalist, turned gold speculator turned real estate developer, turned paranoid, attempted-wife-murderer.

Millions of people visit the park and the observatory every year, largely unaware of the dark history of their donor. 

Please enjoy “Colonel Griffith’s Observatory” ! 

Featuring Mike Eberts, author of “Griffith Park: A Centennial History”

This video first appeared in “Sweethearts of the Video” Episode 2. 

Historic Echo Park: Echo Park Historical Society Quarterly Meeting & Pizza Fundraiser

Hi all! 

Come on down to Mohawk Bend tomorrow from 6-8pm, where I’ll be showing some films and talking about the history of Mohawk Bend, Washington Heights, and the restoration of the Jensen’s Recreation Center sign.  

Have a beer and order the Echo Park Historical Society Pizza, topped w/ cherry tomatoes, parmesan, red onion, rapine and cerignola olives, proceeds to benefit the EPHS!  

Episode 1 of LA Stories Podcast!

Hiya friends!  

I’m honored to be the first guest on Jennifer DeFilippo’s “L.A. Stories” podcast that has stories… about L.A! 

Give a listen!  We go into more detail on the History of the Short Stop and most everything else that’s been posted on this tumblr, or yet to be posted on this tumblr.  


On the far eastern end of Sunset Boulevard, hidden from prying eyes by the ivy-covered cliffs made by the railroad in the 19th century, sits one of the most notorious bars in Los Angeles…  

The Short Stop.

It’s been nearly a year since we released our last short doc on the History of Sunset Boulevard and we’re quite excited to present to you the building that inspired this series in the first place.

I began researching the history of the Short Stop in January of 2011.  At first it was going to be an essay with photographs, but the history I found there inspired me to try to make a short documentary. 

Two years and three other videos about the History of Sunset Boulevard later and here it is.  I’m stoked.  I hope you enjoy it and share it with anyone you have shared a drink with at The Short Stop.  

And, yes, the history of the Short Stop turns out to be as sketchy as you always knew that it was.

Written & Directed by Rory Mitchell

Music by Adrian Arnold (

Q&A for Curbed "A Complete Guide to Researching Any House in Los Angeles"

Hi friends!    

I did a Q&A with Curbed LA over the weekend and here’s what came out of it, “A Complete Guide To Researching Any House In Los Angeles.”  Check it out!